Afraid To Tell

A few years ago, my wife was into wearing these high waist, long leg girdles. She was worried about having put on a few extra pounds, even though I tried to tell her she looked good either way. I thought she looked sexy wearing just the girdle, but she always tried to hide and cover up whenever she wore one. She has since lost all that extra weight and has not worn one in a while. Curiosity got the better of me and I slipped one on myself. I really liked how it felt and it was so silky and snug. I have been hooked on wearing her girdles every day; I wear them to work and every chance I get. They make me feel much better and the ones that go long down my legs make my legs feel energized. I have been wearing them every day. I am afraid to tell my wife because one time I kept asking her how it felt to wear and she did not really want to answer. I was trying to hint to her that I wanted to try one, but she was not getting it. I am afraid if I tell her, she might be upset over it. I can't stop wearing them because they feel so good!

— Barry, 32