Cute New Babydoll

I just received my internet order for a cute little white babydoll. I got all dressed up on and man do I look sexy in it!! I put on a sexy bra and fifties style pointed falsies to fill out the 38-C cups. I then put on a cute little pair of white bikini panties and black thigh high fence net nylons. The babydoll is halter style with white lace on the top, open to show off cleavage. It connects with a little pink bow just below my bra. The bottom is feather light nylon and since I'm six feet tall, it comes down about halfway below the top of my bikini panties. It's a "shorty" but I don't care because I look so sexy in it. I couldn't stop looking at myself in all the mirrors I passed. Wow! What a great buy!

— Andy, 68