Awesome Experience

I would like to share my experience of having sex with my mother-in-law. This incident happened a month ago. First, let me introduce her. She is forty-five years old; a fair and sexy lady. She has a slim figure and a firm set of breasts. She maintains her body well for that age. On that day, I was sleeping my wife's room after my night shift work. My wife and my father-in-law both had gone to their respective offices. I was wearing only my boxer shorts and tee-shirt. I was fast asleep when I felt somebody wake me up. I saw my mother-in-law standing next to my bed. She asked me whether I needed lunch to which I replied that I was not hungry and asked for water. She went and came back with a glass of water. When I was drinking, she said that my package was big. I felt embarrassed and blushed to her. She then said that she has never seen one like mine before. I again blushed and gave a naughty smile to her. She started weeping and said that she had not been having sex for the past twelve years; since my father-in-law's heart attack. She had been satisfying her sexual urges herself for all those years. I gave her a hug and wiped off her tears. I made her lean on my chest, and then I kissed her head. She closed her eyes and accepted. I kissed her nose and went down and just planted a mild kiss on her lips. She didn't reject me. That gave me the go ahead signal and again, I kissed her lips. Initially, she didn't respond properly, but after a split second, she reciprocated. Before either of us knew it, we were deep in the throes of passionate sex. When we finished, we both lay down for a while before we came back to our senses. She requested that we keep this fling to ourselves. That was one of my memorable moments in my life. Thanks to my mother-in-law for such an awesome experience.

— Rabee, 29