Boss's Panties

I have always had a desire for pretty, silky panties. I've worn them, bought them, borrowed them from girlfriends, and some girls have even bought them for me over the years. I live in an executive condo building not far from the office where I work. In the unit next to me, I noticed a very pretty woman moving in. She was wearing a grey suit with a shiny white silk blouse, and a flimsy lacy bra underneath. She wore short grey skirt, with dark hose. They looked very expensive. I said hello, and helped her carry a few boxes in. She said the movers were on the way, but she had some personal items she didn't trust them with, and wanted to get an early start for work in the morning. I was next in line in my office for a big promotion and was waiting to be interviewed Monday morning when I was called into the office. I thought it was the good news I was waiting for. There in the office was the lady who moved in, being introduced to me as my new boss. I was crushed! To add insult to injury, she asked if I could do her a big favor. The movers were coming in the afternoon and she had late meetings to attend. Would I wait for the movers at her place and let them in? Then she kind of smiled and asked me, "Can I trust you with my key?" Indeed. As the lingerie chests were delivered, my heart skipped a beat. As soon as the movers left, I began my hunt. I had a little time to go home with a few more naughty bits before she was due to return. When she arrived home, I was waiting for her with her keys in hand. Under my jeans, I was wearing a couple pair of her pretty satin panties. She had dozens of pretty, silky panties, silk stockings, slips and a world of lacy, silky lingerie. To this day, I'm sure she is wondering what happened to her panties. To thank me for watching her place, she took me out to a nice dinner one night. I wore her best items that night, as I grinned though my wine.

— Austin, 44