Trashy Transvestite

A few years ago, my wife messed around on me and engaged in a threesome. She loved it and told me about it later. She wanted to continue this and asked if we could swing. Now what kind of guy would I be to say no? So, we started swinging, first just swapping, and then the both of us playing bisexually. Well, she had an epiphany and said that God didn't want us to do this anymore and that we should stop after five yrs! So we did, kind of. I continued to play as a third with a couple we used to play with a lot. Then, one day, the guy tells me he wants to play at a local motel. So, I meet him there expecting him, her and me. It was a threesome all right, him, me, and a pair of panties! I was an extremely hairy guy until my wife was told that more women would be with me if I was shaved. So, she completely shaved me. I was thin, in shape, and smooth. My butt and legs were better than many women's out there! That day, he said that I had a girl's ass, and he wanted to have sex with me in a pair of panties. As I pulled the silky thong panty over my "thing", I was instantly aroused! He rode me all afternoon. Long story short, we did this for three months every Wednesday afternoon until his wife caught us. Now he is divorced and has moved out of state, leaving me with no outlet. So, I started dressing and meeting men in online chat rooms. Now I service any man in any position in lingerie and micro-mini skirts in hotels, apartments, houses, and in public at parks and adult bookstores! I still service the wife (she has no idea my female side exists) and live my life as a very macho man. Just some late nights at work, I tell her, when I really take a few hours to dress, meet, have incredible anal sex, and then go home to the wife. I Love being a trashy transvestite whore!

— Otis, 35