Thank You Sister-In-Law

When I was thirty-four, my nineteen year old sister-in-law came to live us while she attended college. I knew her as a child, but when she turned into her teens, I couldn't help having feelings for her. One summer afternoon sitting on my in-law's back porch, I noticed her leaning over the railing on the back deck. From behind, her shorts were pulled up a bit and part of her butt was sticking out. I got instantly excited. I had never seen her like this before, it just happened. I tried not to think about it; I tried to behave. Then, she moved in. We have always been close, but one evening while my wife was working, she came into my bedroom while I was watching TV. My kids were downstairs and watching the other TV, so she was looking for entertainment. While lying down on her stomach wearing her pajamas, she complained that her back hurt a little. Without asking, I started to give her a massage. Within a minute, I was excited. I moved my hand under her top and continued to rub her back. She was very receptive to my movements. I pulled she shirt up to the top of her head, allowing me easy access. I then slipped my hand lower, rubbing her lower back. Before I knew it, I was I was rubbing down all over her butt. We were both very quiet; I guess not knowing what to say or do. But since she didn't object, I continued. After a while, I attempted to pull her pants down a little. She responded with a, "Hey!" I guessed she wanted me to stop, so I did. I lay down, and she offered to rub my back. I was wearing a t-shirt and lose fitting gym shorts. I took off my shirt, and lay on my belly. She gave out a little cat call when I took off my shirt, which made me smile. She gave me a great massage, much better than my wife, her sister, ever did. She did not go below my shorts. When she was finished, I rolled over onto my back. She couldn't help notice my excitement. We were making small talk and the whole time she was staring at my shorts. She soon went to bed. I did not know what to think of this; was it a mistake? At this time in my marriage, my wife hardy paid any attention to me. I had mixed feelings. I did not want to cause any problems, but I was just so hot for her. The very next day, after work and saying hi to the kids, I went to my bedroom to unwind. Within a few minutes, my sister-in-law was knocking at the door asking to come in. We were both dressed in regular clothes. My wife was expected home soon and we would be getting dinner ready within the hour. We did not have that much alone time. Again, she lay on her belly, and I began to rub her back over her shirt as we watched TV. We both said absolutely nothing. The next evening, my wife would be working late again. Again, my love came to visit; always with a knock at the door. I continued to rub her back under her shirt, and lower too. I asked her if she ever had an ultimate massage with hot oil and she said no. I asked if she wanted one and she said okay. I went to the bathroom and got the baby oil, went downstairs, and heated it the microwave. Since she was a little shy, I turned the TV off so that the room was now pitch back. I began to rub her back with the oil. I went to her feet and legs next. At this point, I suggested she remove her pants since they were in my way. She commented, "I knew that was going to happen," but she did it. I rubbed her down everywhere. The next day, she again knocked on my door. The same thing happened as before. For the first time, I was confident that she really was enjoying herself and she wanted more. I did what she wanted. Night after night, the same thing. One night watching TV, she sat between my legs so that I could rub her back. I guess she fell asleep, but I wasn't sure. I slipped my hand under her shirt and began to play a bit. I asked her, "Do you want me to stop?" She said yes and got up to leave my room. Night after night, I waited for her, but nothing. She was mad at me. I felt bad, but I could not help the feelings I had for her. Months later, things had changed. She now had a boyfriend and had lost her virginity. I continued to behave, but I fantasized about our time together. Then one night out of the blue came that familiar knock at the door. She wanted to hang out with me. Before I knew it, we were back at it again. One night I got too close and risked a quick feel. She commented with a, "What the heck!" She was not pleased, and I pretended it was an accident. Night after night, it seemed like I would warm her up, and then she would go out with her boyfriend for the finish. I was doing all the work and he was getting all the rewards. Things changed at home and I became unemployed. I had to move; sell the house. This meant my sister-in-law had to move back with her parents. We only had one more visit left. My sister-in-law and I both knew this would be the very last time we would have our alone time. Perhaps that is why we went another step. My wife was at work and she knocked on my door. I didn't waste any time. After rubbing her down, which seem to take an hour, I pulled her down on her back. For the first time, I was able to see her whole body; it was beautiful. But that was it, I was too afraid. We had no more time; my wife would be home soon. A year or so went by, and by chance, I knew for the first time we would have and opportunity to be alone. I made some advances. I rubbed her back, but she did not want to lie down. She left me after that. All I could do was think about her and pleasure myself. Although I never got to do what I wanted, I will always cherish our time together. Our little secret when two people needed some extra attention. Today, I will occasionally think of our time together. It always causes me to get excited. Thank you sister-in-law. I will always love you.

— Jerry, 43