I'm a cross-dresser who has the approval of my wife. It has taken me twenty years of marriage, but now she sees how much I enjoy it and helps me with shopping trips. She also works the day shift while I'm a night worker. During the afternoons, I love to go out in the backyard and tan in a skimpy thong. I always wear the same one so that my tan lines are perfect. We have a cute mailman that comes around the house at 1:00pm daily. We also have a front door that has a large sketched front glass design that you can see through. I've told my wife that my exhibitionist self is longing to come out for him. With her blessing, I've made my way to the front door as he approaches to drop the mail off. I'm only dressed in my thong as he looks right through the glass. After two or three times doing this, I finally opened the door so he would have to hand me our mail. As I did, he just looked at my outfit (or lack of one) and smiled. I can't wait until tomorrow's mail comes.

— Brad, 40