A Day Being Her

My wife was always complaining about how rough she had it as a wife; having to wash clothes, do dishes, and all the other things she did every day. One night, we were playing some cards to pass the time until she had to go take out a load of wash. She made me a bet and I hate to pass on a bet that I think I can win. She bet me that she could win the game and that I would lose. I had a pretty good hand so I bet her. She said, "Okay, if I win you become me for a day; any day I choose." I looked at my hand again and she said, "Are you chicken, little one?" I said, "Okay, but if you lose you do any sex act I want." She stopped to think and I said, "Now who is chicken?" She agreed. I laid down my hand and she laid down hers; she had won. I gasped and said I was kidding; she said she was not. She kept teasing me until I said, "Okay, I can do it with flying colors." The next Saturday I got up and told her I was going to play golf with the guys. She told me, "Oh no, today you are me." I begged her to pick another day, but she only laughed and said, "You are me today." I said, "Okay, I will do it." She told me to do it right. She opened her top drawer and handed me a pair of panties and a bra. I told her I did not agree to that and she said, "What do you think I wear every day?" I said, "Well, I guess those," and she pushed them to me. I took them and before long, I was in them, along with a very short dress, her socks, and her shoes. I then took on her day. I went to the kitchen and fixed her and myself some breakfast. I washed the dishes and started a load of wash. I asked her what she did while the wash was going. She told me that she went to the store for the week's food and other things. I said I could not go out dressed like this and she said she knew that and she had already laid out my shopping outfit. When I saw it, I began to beg and she said, "Listen, you are me and you will dress as me or you will be sorry. I have several pictures of you on my camera already in the panties and bra." She showed me one of them. I put on the tight fitting jeans and a blouse that allowed the bra to show through. She put a wig on me that was in a ponytail. She put makeup on me. I was the same size as her and when I looked in the mirror, I saw that I looked like a woman. My eyes popped open wide; I could not believe it. She handed me a purse and a pair of sun glasses. I walked nervously to the car and got in, hoping no neighbors saw me. I went to the local market and got everything on her list including feminine products. When I got to the check out, the girl told me that she wished she had my skin. I smiled and try not to talk so she would not know I was a man. She told me that her brother was looking for a date for next Friday. I in the most girly voice I could muster up said, "I am married." Then one guy behind me said, "I thought so. All the good looking babes are married." I then noticed he was looking at my butt. I walked away with a wiggle that was not too overdone. I got to my car and a few seconds later he was standing by the car asking me if he could help with my stuff. I told him no and he said he would love to have a babe like me for a wife. I got in the car and drove away with him standing looking at my car as I left. I sometimes wonder what he would have done if he knew I was a man in my wife's sexy outfit. Most of the day was rough and I told her that I did not ever want that bet again. But, I would love to be her girlfriend for a day sometime. We have gone out as girlfriends twice since then.

— Larry, 34