I was just caught by my wife; I thought she was out shopping for the rest of the day. She caught me in our room. I was wearing her bra, panties, satin slip, and pleasuring myself. I tried to hide, but I was caught. She insisted I finish what I started; I tried to get out of it by trying to take her bra off, but she slapped me and said, "Finish yourself." She told me how she knew the whole time what I had been up to for the last year. She said I would now be her sissy panty boy and ordered me to finish myself again. I did and she laughed and said how sexy I look in girly panties. Later that evening, I was put in panties and nightie and told to go upstairs while she watched TV. I wondered what was taking so long and then I heard her on the phone telling her friend everything. It was very humiliating.

— Alan, 34