It Finally Happened

I have written/confessed several times now as to how my wife and her friends require me to be totally naked when they are here visiting; and how it has grown to where they require me to pleasure myself and to do this at least three times per visit. I have grown to not be embarrassed as I do this. I thought that this situation could not get any better; but, this past weekend it did! Instead of having me pleasure myself, each one gave me oral, including my wife. I heard talk amongst them that very soon each of them would borrow me to take home for a night or weekend and that I would be naked from the time I was picked up until the time I was returned. Two of these women live over seventy-five miles away. I would be required to go and not take any clothing with me and I would be required to do anything that is asked of me. Two of these women are married. I just wonder what is planned for me at those two places, or the others for that matter.

— Marcus, 62