A Weird Two Months

It was going to be a great day. It was the day of the party at the college. I was having a blast and doing my thing to get girls' phone numbers. I called one of them the next day, and she invited me over to her dorm for dinner. She wanted to order Chinese, and I said that was cool. Then, after that, we were both very nervous. Then somehow I got into sex. It was great until I realized she put me in a pink skirt, pink panties, and a girl's t-shirt. Then she wanted me to go to her dorm, so I said okay. Everyone was sleeping because it was already 3:00 in the morning. When I got there, I saw a bunch of her girlfriends. They took a picture of me and carried me like a baby. They could carry me because I was small. They put me in a baby stroller for old people and walked outside. They took me to all the classes like this. All of her other friends said, "Cute little baby girl." She said, "Thanks." Then we got back to her dorm, and she put me in a baby crib for a baby girl! She took another picture and said good night as all the girls watched me. Then they sang me a song and I fell asleep. Then they picked me up and put me in their bed. One hugged me while they were sleeping. I stayed there for a while. Then one day, I got so pissed off I called the cops, but they didn't believe me. She carried me and started hugging me like a baby. I was so angry that I called the police again to report a case of child abuse. That's when she said she was a lesbian. Now we are married, and she laughs back at this whole incident. I don't!

— Michael, 27