Am I Still The Boss?

My wife's best friend recently took a secretary position in the same building as I work. I always knew my wife really was not into me wearing panties and things. I recently found out she did a bit of complaining about it to her friend. Her friend has been visiting my office after hours. She has forced me into showing her my panties. I normally wear panties, garter belts, and stockings under my suit to work. Her friend demanded that I drop my pants. With threats of her telling coworkers, I had no choice but to show her my pretties. She took me over her knee and spanked me some. She yells at me during the spanking, calling me a sissy, panty boy, and some even harsher names. I lost control of myself during the first spanking and she made fun of me for that. This went on two times a week for a month. Then, last night was a different visit. She had already told me to be wearing a garter belt, panties, and bra with stockings under my suit. I complied and when she arrived, I was stripped down to the lingerie. I was put in a satin business skirt, blouse, lip stick, and purple heels. She went to the restroom and returned in my suit. She sat in my chair and ordered me to comply with her every demand. I have no idea if my wife knows what her friend has been doing to me; it's her fault anyway for telling her what I was doing at home.

— Joel, 36