Sister-In-Law Dreaming

My wife has an older sister who we see usually once a year. She tends to wear low cut shirts and tight fitting skirts and, because of this, I quite often get to fantasizing about her. One summer, she was staying at our house for about one week. It happened to be an extremely hot week and as a result my sister-in-law was wearing looser, more revealing, clothing than usual. I would be sitting at the kitchen table and she would bend over to place food on the table and reveal her small firm breasts. They looked so good that I got excited with every glimpse. At other times, she would bend over to pick something up and I would get a glimpse of her underwear under her skirt. Although we never had sex together or even hinted at it, I still think back to that summer. I still fantasize about the day when I can have my way with her. But for now, I will just keep dreaming about her and waiting for those glimpses of sexy flesh.

— Allen, 43