Catching Up

I was catching up with an old college buddy that I hadn't seen in years. He had never married, but was a good looking dude. I asked him why, and he told me that he had always been bisexual and hadn't found a woman to marry that would let him keep having sex with guys. I was getting turned on even though I had never had sex with a guy. I told him that I had always been curious about what it was like to have sex with a guy, and if it was true that guys give the best oral. He did admit that in his experience, guys know how to pleasure guys more than women do. I blurted out that I would like to find out first hand and asked him if I could give him oral someday. He asked me when, and I told him no time like now. We went back to my hotel room and had every kind of sex imaginable. I visit him more often now and he was right, guys to know how to pleasure other guys best.

— Luke, 50