Since I came out of the Navy, I have enjoyed masturbation very much. I have read of other men who kept score. Some people don't believe them, but I do. Why? I kept score myself. From the time I was twenty-two until I got married at fifty-three, I have masturbated over 16,000 times. On the average week, I would perform like this; one day a week I wouldn't masturbate. One day a week I'd do it once. One day a week twice. One day a week three times. The other three days I would masturbate on average about one or two times a day. This adds up to about ten to eleven times a week, multiplied by five hundred forty-six, times thirty-one equals 16,926 times. Well, say about 16,000 times. No doubt, I have had a lot of fun by myself. I dated a number of women and did have and enjoy sex very much. Now that I am married, most of my energy goes into sex with my wife. But when she isn't around, I still masturbate at least once a week. So, my total keeps going up. I take vitamins, eat a well-balanced diet, and get good sleep. I work out at the fitness center three or four times a week. It is a hell of a lot of fun.

— Eugene, 60