On The Golf Course

I was working on my lousy golf game and was to the second hole when I caught up to a guy. He was about six foot two and I am five foot five and very thin. He asked if I wanted to join him and I told him I was working on my game. He assured me that he would not be slowed down by me. The next shot of mine went into the woods and I cussed a little. He told me that was naughty and I laughed it off as I went to look for my ball. I was looking for it when I noticed him watching me and shaking his head. He came to where I was and told me to take down my pants. I asked why and he told me he was going to spank me. Like a little kid I asked why again, and he said he did not need a reason but my lousy shot required it. He further told me that as we played, he would be punishing me for bad shots. I was somewhat afraid of him, so I complied. On the next hole, he made me pleasure him. When we finished, he told me to be back on Saturday for another lesson and be wearing women's panties until I got good at the game. I now have to wear them 24/7 until I play better. I swear this is a true story.

— Erik, 26