I Gave Her Permission

She had talked about doing it with another man for some time, usually when we made love. The idea really seemed to make her hot. I had told her before that it would be sexy if she was at a party and gave a guy a really hot French kiss. Then let him touch her. We often would share a kiss with others at a party, but usually innocent. She had asked then, "What if I went further?" I said that would be exciting. I guess I went along because it always made her passionate in bed, so it was good for me. Also the idea did turn me on as well; to some extent anyway. I even showed her an online male dancer site where the dancers were performing for groups of women. The men were completely undressed and they had huge packages. She was fascinated. I pretended to think that the men had normal sized packages so that she would think she had been missing out. Then she would be more enticed to live out her fantasy. One night, we were making love and she asked if she could do it with a guy from work. She explained she could not encourage him and then just do it once; she would have to do it whenever he wanted. In the passion of our lovemaking, I said that that would be hot. Well, she ended up doing him for years after that. Since she had my permission, she could be honest and tell me she was going out to meet him. Then we would make love when she came back. She is a church girl too, but she feels that anything done inside her marriage is okay. Since I knew, she had no guilt. Well, a few years ago, she looked up an old married ex-boyfriend in her home town. When they dated in high school, she never would allow him sex and they broke up. But now, she flirted with him outrageously. She asked me again if she could have sex and I said yes. Soon, she was visiting her home town several times a year and staying in a motel. He would come over for a few hours during the day, each day, and they would make love. It makes me jealous and hot when I know he is familiar with every detail of her body and being pleasured by her. He had a free night the other day, so she dressed up and they went out to eat together. Wow, what if someone saw them? Also, she told me they try new things together sexually. I have thought of mentioning another old boyfriend to her, one that used to do everything with her except complete the act. He was very aggressive sexually with her. If she calls him, I am sure that they will get involved also. She has done several men now over the last few years; I guess I should be happy with that, but the prospect of someone new is always exciting.

— Eric, 41