My Sister's Panties

When I was in my early teens, I started developing a panty fetish. It started out simple enough, grabbing a pair of Mom's or my sister's panties from the hamper being careful not to leave a trace. Well, that went okay for about two years until I decided wearing them would be even better. One afternoon, knowing my sister had cheerleading practice and Mom wouldn't be home until late, I decided to try on some of my sister's panties and other things. I had never really looked in her dresser drawers before, but I was captivated by what I saw. Those things were way too sexy for a sixteen-year-old girl to be wearing, but they were just right for me! I spent two glorious hours trying on her bras, panties, pantyhose, and even her cheerleader outfit. I was in such a trance that I didn't hear her come up the stairs or even open the door to her bedroom. I did hear say, "Wow, my little brother is a sissy. I thought you'd been in my panties." I turned, mortified, standing by her dresser in a pair of her Vanity Fair yellow brief panties and a yellow Playtex bra. "Please don't tell anyone, please! Don't tell Mom, she'll ground me for two years," I pleaded. I started to take the bra off. "No, leave it on," she said "Or I will tell Mom". I could tell she meant it. I knew that tone in her voice. She had me right where she wanted me. It just remained to be seen what she was going to do with that control. "I won't tell Mom or your friends," she snickered, "But you will do everything I tell you to do for the next two years while I'm still here. Then, after that, it will be forgotten forever." "What do you want me to do?" I asked nervously. "Oh, just what you're doing now, dressing in my bra and panties." "I can't do that. Mom will find out," I pleaded. "She will for certain if you don't. So, you are going to be taught the ultimate lesson, and that is to be careful what you wish for because you just might get it." She paused for effect. "From now on, you will wear my panties all the time, day and night. I will pick which pair you will wear everyday and for special events." I wondered what she meant by special events. "When we are home and Mom is not, you will wear one of my bras, my pantyhose, heels, and whatever else I decide. I will make sure you don't get caught by Mom because it will ruin my fun if you do. At night, after Mom goes to bed, you will wear one of my baby doll nighties to sleep in. And when Mom goes to visit family on the weekends, you will be made up as a girl with makeup and a wig and the works for my enjoyment." She hesitated to judge my reaction and then said, "Oh, one final thing. I may invite my cheerleader girlfriends to help sissify you." My mouth dropped open just in time for her to take a photo of me with the camera sitting on her desk. "Insurance," she said with an evil grin.

— Walter, 47