Pouch Pants

I was moving my stepson to another state and we had to stay overnight, but the hotel only had a king size bed available; we said okay. After a few beers, I said I was going to bed. I went in and took a shower and put on clean pouch pants, which I fill out pretty good. My stepson didn't say anything, but I saw him looking at me. He went and took a shower as I fell off to sleep. I awoke as he was touching me and asked him what he thought he was doing. His reply was that he was bi and couldn't help but notice how large I was. I allowed him to give me oral. I told him I had never done anything with another man, but could I try it with him. I liked it both what he did and what I did to him. I put my pouch pants back on and he held me as we both fell asleep.

— Leland, 63