Back In Line

My wife and I were having an argument and her mother walked in during it. She is very dominant and powerful. She started arguing in my wife's defense and the next thing I knew, my mother-in-law had me in handcuffs. I was forced over the back of the couch my mother-in-law was spanking me with a big wooden hair brush. I was very humiliated when she ordered my wife to put a bra and panties on me. I was then spanked again while wearing a pink floral bra and matching panties. I found myself very excited sexually. I wound up making a mess in the panties. My mother-in-law noticed this and made fun of me, calling me a sissy. I was then put in a fresh pair of panties and uncuffed. When I tried to take off the bra, my mother-in-law said, "Oh no, you're wearing that all day." I dressed and we went out shopping. The whole time I felt like everyone knew I had a bra and panties on. My wife now spanks me every week and all of my underwear has been replaced with satin panties.

— Kyle, 32