Becoming A Transvestite

My wife got me started cross-dressing during her bi-exploration time. She and I were shocked at how feminine I looked. Total makeup, wig, clothes, and jewelry; I dressed head to toe female. She said I needed to find out what a woman felt being with a man and I did it. Now, after twenty years, I love being a girl with men. My wife and I got divorced finally, due to family moving problems, but now I have several boyfriends that I'm with on a regular basis and really enjoy my woman side filling that need. Most of the time, I'm a very masculine male, but the times I'm dressed en femme, I feel more sexual and pretty and really enjoy being with a man. Nothing beats it. I have found out that I rather enjoy black men and they love me. Never before would I have believed I would enjoy being a feminine girl, but now I'm great at it. My ex-wife didn't know what she made when she first made up my face with makeup.

— Douglas, 56