People will laugh when I mention a milkman, but the small suburb we lived in did have milk delivery service. I decided to use it so I did not have to pick milk up on the way home from work. My wife told me that on his first visit, he said he would come to the back door, bring the milk in, and put it into the fridge. He would not have time to knock. If that was not acceptable, she was to tell him and he would leave it at the back door, outside. My wife had told him to just walk right in and she would help him load it into the fridge. I thought about that, and I realized he would be catching her undressed. Maybe not at first, but eventually he was going to see a lot. Also, I knew my wife likes to show her body. I guess it turns her on to be seen. Anyway, I remember that right after that, she bought two very sexy nightgowns with sheer bra tops. The tops held her breasts out and you could see everything. I thought they were for my benefit, but I began to get suspicious. I thought, "Could she have gone that far, to wear them in front of him?" I wondered if he could have resisted touching her. Were they having sex? I really did not dwell on it, but later a neighbor mentioned to me to watch it, that the milkman was staying at our home about fifteen minutes every morning! I told the neighbor that she gave him coffee; I was sure it was okay.

— Shane, 41