A Walk To Remember!

I was very excited walking towards my local newsagents in a pretty pair of pale yellow cami-knickers, a black suspender belt, black stockings, and a gorgeous knee-length shift dress in purple sheer polyester that clung to me. On my feet I wore four-inch sexy black leather sling back heels. As it was my first time revealing my female side, I wore an overcoat. I got to the shop and looked in. The girl I had wanted to look at me in my womanly splendor was not in. It was disappointing, but I was too excited to go back. As I stepped into the shop, I undid my overcoat and revealed my dress. I picked out a newspaper and took it to the female assistant as my high heels clicking dreamily on the linoleum floor. Incredibly, the girl said nothing. I was gutted. Outside of the shop, I reasoned she must not have noticed my sexy outfit. I decided to go back without the coat. As I stepped into the shop as the perfect chic girl, I felt so good. "God, I'm a girl, all woman." This time, the girl had to notice and loved my outfit. She admitted she thought I looked good and very passable.

— Sam, 39