Caught In Hose

Every day, I wear pantyhose to work under my suit. My wife knows about it, but she would rather I did not do it so much. One day after a bathroom visit, my shirt was tucked into the pantyhose and my secretary noticed. She whispered in my ear to fix my pantyhose. I was humiliated. My secretary seemed to like the idea of me in pantyhose. She has bought me pantyhose on several occasions. We've never had sex or anything like that, but we often show each other our pantyhose. Last night, she gave me a garter belt with a built in thong panty and lace top stockings. She told me to go change into them and, about an hour later, we were showing each other our stockings. She encouraged me to pleasure myself in front of her, and I did. She was telling me how she should spank me for being so naughty and she called me a satin sissy. I wish my wife liked it as much. I love wearing pantyhose every day and I do not think it will ever stop.

— Barry, 28