Love Is Another Word Is Sister-In-Law

Reading the many guy confessions on their sister-in-laws, let me tell you that having sister-in-law is a boon. If you are timid, at least you can fantasize with your sister-in-law. If you are controlled by your heart, you definitely will fall in love with her more than with her sister. It is an evolutionary concept; the more women in the tribe, the chief is to possess more. In a household, you are privileged with that, but within the limits of not hurting your wife or your other in-laws and not spoiling your sister-in-law's future. You have a marital right on your sister-in-law and if you are lucky enough to be loved back by her, you have her as your second wife. This is forbidden, which is tastier and illegal, but many Indians are tasting them. This is not my opinion, but it's my true story. I find bliss and heaven on earth every night. I go to bed for a threesome; myself, my wife, and the forbidden fruit. The secret of loving your wife to the hilt is to love her sister too. All the best for guys having sister-in-law's.

— Pachai, 45