Pair In Panties

I love wearing panties. I stole my stepsister's panties. She's four years older than me. She came into my bedroom, pulled down the bed covers, and saw me in her pink panties. I nearly died. She said, "I knew it was you. Do you find them sexy?" I said yes. Then she made me model them for her. Then she said. "I'm also wearing pink panties." She made me come to her bedroom. Then, we had awesome sex. When we were done, she opened her top drawer and said, "You know where my panties are?" I said yes. "Get one," she said. I took my time and picked white cotton panties with lace. They were gorgeous. She said to get her a pair of the same kind, so I did. My stepsister then said, "From now on, I want you and me to wear the same panties everyday. Is that okay?" I said yes and gave her a big kiss. Then we put our panties on. She said, "Those panties look sexy on you." The white panties on my stepsis also looked gorgeous. I told her that she looked very sexy in those panties. I also told her that she was the sexiest girl I knew and that she was a real sex machine. She was so thrilled to hear me give her all of those compliments. She said, "Sleep with me tonight." I said okay. Standing there in panties and seeing her in panties was a real turn on. I gave her a big kiss, and then I thanked her for her panties. She said, "That's what stepsisters are for."

— Lance, 24