New Rule

My wife has come up with a new rule. It seems all I ever ask for is oral. Well, she made a deal with me that from now on no matter when or where I wanted to receive oral, I would have to give her oral first. If I wanted ten minutes, I had to give ten minutes. If I took more than ten minutes, I had to give her more when I was done. Fair enough, I thought! We were set for Friday night. I was put into a chair, she stood in front of me, and she began to strip. As she did, out came a new toy; it was a strap-on. I resisted and got all mad. Needless to say, I did not get mine. She was mad at me for not holding up my end of the deal. She said I now have to give her twenty minutes to get ten. A week later, I gave in and gave her oral for all I was worth. This has been going on for a year and I think I am better at it than her now. I love it.

— Lenny, 33