Bullet Bra

If you don't know what a bullet bra is, I suggest you go on line and search it. It was a pointed bra from the fifties. All the movie stars wore them. You can order them online, but they are expensive and they are not made of today's stretch material. You have to order your exact size. That's my problem; I wear a 38-C, but sometimes I have to put extenders on it to fit. If I would order a larger size, a 40-C maybe, it would be too big. You can also order pointed falsies to fill out the pointed end of the bra. I have a black bra on right now that is the closest thing I can get to a bullet bra. I put on my fifties style bra, small pointed falsies in it, and I look great and sexy, in my opinion. But, I would still love to have a bullet bra.

— Glen, 69