Married Neighbor

I have a neighbor who is married and she is the sexiest woman on earth. Every time she is outside, I get excited. Sometimes, I have to go inside and put on her bra and panties, then a pair of her jeans and one of her shirts. I acquired the stuff a while ago by asking her to donate some old clothes to the clothing drive I ran a few months ago. It was filled with some of her sexy jeans, panties, bras, etc. Needless to say, none of it made it to the drop off. I love putting it on and thinking of how sexy she looks in it. There is one pair of her jeans I wore outside; I was going out in them and they were kind of plain looking, so I figured no one would know. But she caught me on my way to the car, looked at me, and smiled. She then looked at the jeans, back to my eyes, back to the jeans and to my eyes again, and then smiled again. I almost lost it right there in the jeans. We are close in size, so they fit perfectly. She often comes over for a chat; it always seems like she comes over when ever she has something new to wear as if to tease me. Yesterday, she just went ahead and said, "You looked pretty sexy in my jeans the other day. What else of mine were you wearing? Did you have my panties on?" I tried to deny it, but she was not taking no for an answer. She had me go put her stuff on and model it for her; she told me if I didn't do it, she would tell every one in the neighborhood. So, I was in front of her in her bra, panties, and jeans. She put my hands up on the wall and spread my legs a little and tugged the jeans just off my butt and began to paddle me with the back of a big wooden hair brush. She called me a naughty sissy and said this was my punishment for wearing her stuff and lying to her to get it. She whacked me several times and it was loud and stung; I tried to get turned around, but she pushed me right back into position and whipped my butt hard. Her pink panties offered my rear end no protection at all. I had never been spanked before and it really hurt. Being spanked by her while wearing her bra, panties, and her sexy jeans just off my butt caused me to lose it. She made fun of me, asking me if I wanted to be a girl. She told me I was now her woman and I would do things for her if she needed something, like cut her lawn or clean her car. With that, she pulled the jeans up, said to think about what had happened, said good bye, and walked out my front door. I was so humiliated; I had just been spanked by the sexiest woman around while wearing her panties. She has never brought it up again, but whenever I see her, I just look, smile, and put my head down in shame. I often fantasize about her doing it again.

— Wyatt, 32