The Erotic Babysitter

When I was about nineteen, my parents were insecure about trusting me. So, when they left for a vacation, they actually hired a babysitter. At first I was pissed off, but when I saw the babysitter, I changed my mind. She was a sexy, blonde, twenty-one-year-old, with a great body. For about five days, every time she went in the shower, I would sneak in and sniff her panties. Sometimes I would take them. One day, she was taking her shower, and I snuck in and she caught me. She opened the curtain and saw me sniffing her panties. She was completely naked, and I got the fastest erection in my life. I thought for sure she was going to yell at me and call my parents, but she didn't. She said, "You naughty boy. You like sniffing my panties, do you?" At this time, I thought I was ruined. Then came the surprise. "Why didn't you say you liked my body? Come in here and have sex now!" I was shocked, but I tore off my clothes and ran in. I immediately did her. It was great. For the next two weeks, we had sex all the time. I was so sad when my parents came home. The babysitter gave me her phone number, and even now I get to do that same girl, and oh, is it ever joyful!

— Toby, 30