Three's Company

My wife and I have been together for about fourteen years. One day I told her that my best friend, whom I've known for about thirty years, had a crush on her. I thought it was something platonic at first. Then one day a short time ago I received a call from my wife. I knew she was at work, and she asked me how I was doing. I said I was fine and asked her what she was up to. She told me she was in a motel room with my best friend, and that they had just finished having great sex. My first thought was that she was joking until she put my friend on the phone. When I spoke with him, he confirmed the encounter and was ecstatic. I was stunned for the first few minutes until the realization set in. Since then, the three of us have been having the greatest encounters. I believe my wife is more in love with me now than ever before.

— Edward, 44