Wife's Clothes

When my wife leaves the house, I immediately run to her dressing room. I strip, put on some panties and a bra, crotch-less pantyhose, one of her skirts, and a pretty, see-through blouse. Next, I slide into her four and a half inch black patent leather, peep-toe, ankle strap heels. I put on my face and her perfume. I then parade around the house for awhile. I take pictures of myself and leave the pictures in her panty drawer; she'll get mad when she finds them. Depending what I'm doing at that time, I might strip right in front of her and go to the bedroom and get "dressed" right in front of her. I tell her that her clothes are my clothes and if she wants me to take them off, she must bow down and give me oral. She usually does, but makes me promise that I won't put them on again. And so here I sit, all dressed up and she's in the next room sleeping.

— Douglas, 49