Wife Sharing

My wife of three years was as innocent as the driven snow about anything other than missionary sex with your husband only. I guess that is why she was so attractive to all the guys at the parties we went to. She was the typical dumb blonde except that she wasn't blonde. I guess to them it was more exciting to seduce a faithful wife than a slut. They got us both drunk at a party one night. The guy's wife who threw the party was in on it. She wanted to see my wife having sex. She wanted to get laid herself, but she needed someone else to break her into that kind of lifestyle, I guess. All I remember is that my wife and I were the last couple at the party along with the couple that had it. There were also a couple of guys left that had come there single. I knew they were fooling around with my wife on the sofa in the dark, but I didn't care. I was really drunk and thinking about having sex with my hostess. Fat chance. I guess that is why I didn't really get too upset about how things went. I was as guilty as she was, and it was sort of a turn-on. We all ended upstairs in the master bedroom where I passed out on the bed. When I woke up, they were all on the bed. My wife was lying on her back crossways. The gal that lived there was sitting by her head while the three guys were kissing her, whispering things to her, and undressing her. I pretended to be asleep and watched the whole thing. All three of them had sex with her. I think she knew what happened, but I don't think she knew that I was watching. I want it to happen again, but I want to be in on it from the beginning.

— Gary, 36