First Time In Panties

I was younger when I first got to see a girl in panties. It was my cousin and she walked into the room not knowing I was there. They were red with white lace and I went nuts. She blushed and ran back into her room. From that time on, I wanted to wear them. I got my chance by luck. About two months later, my cousin and I were at her house alone for a few hours. I told her how pretty she looked in her red panties and she said that it was her turn to see me in them. At first, I protested and she said if I did not, she would tell her mom that she came in a caught me in them. I knew she would do that, so I went into the bathroom and put them on and walked out in front of her wearing the red panties. She said I looked so pretty in them and just then, a flash went off and she had a picture of me in them. I tried to get the camera, but she was a bit bigger and grabbed me. She pulled me over her lap and spanked me until I cried like a sissy. From that day on, I did anything she told me to. I was her total slave until she married and now he is her slave. He knows about me and once in a while she has me come over and be her other maid in front of him.

— Steve, 24