Hotel Room With A View

My wife and I were traveling overnight. We stopped off at one of the chain type hotels and checked in. We took a room at ground level around the back, but when we got to the room, it had a heavy cleaning product smell to it so I left the blinds and the window open to air it out. It looked like it faced a wooded area with a bench kind of facing our room. We left and went out to dinner. When we got back, it was dark out. Lacey said she was going to take a bath and there was one more suitcase she wanted brought in. Heading for the car, I passed a gentleman in the hallway that was going out to walk his dog. I brought the suitcase back in the room and told Lacey I was going out to have a smoke and I headed out back by the bench. I happened to notice the curtains were still open and all the lights were on in our room; it had a very large window. About a minute later, Lacey came out of the bathroom, nude, and proceeded to bend over to grab a suitcase and place it on the bed. It was like watching a porno movie in person. The guy walking his dog came by and slowed down, pretending to be letting his dog take care of business. I don't think he saw me. By now, Lacey was putting lotion all over herself. I couldn't believe what I was watching. Lacey was moving around the room hanging up clothing, digging in the suitcase, and kind of singing and dancing to herself. I went back in the room a few minutes later and she was still nude. I told her she put on a nice "show." She said she forgot the window was open.

— Ted, 47