Well Pleased

The thought of having sex with my mother-in-law has been in my mind every since I first met her in the seventies. She has always been an absolute doll and I told her if her daughter looked anything like her when he is her age, she'll never get away from me. But, my thoughts continued for many years. She has been a widow since the late sixties when her husband was killed in an accident. We have flirted over the years, but nothing really very serious. She has shaken her well endowed breasts at me several times joking about other things. I have seen her in her bra and slip once, long ago, and never quite got over it. Recently, she visited us and, as we have three bedrooms, we usually let her and her husband now have ours and we take one of the smaller ones. I went to a local hardware store for some needed things and, while I was gone, her husband and my wife (her daughter) went to the mall looking for something for her birthday. I noticed that the car was gone when I got home, but did not dream that she was at home alone. I put my things away and went to the guest bathroom in the hallway rather than our usual master bath in our room. When I opened the door there she was standing in front of the mirror with a towel around her hair and otherwise completely nude. I started to quickly excuse myself with great apologies, but I was staring at her finely aged figure in the mirror and she stopped me from leaving. She said, "its okay, you can come in. Everyone else is gone." I still gave my apologies and excused myself. She giggled as I closed he door. When she came out of the bathroom, she came to the den where I was sitting. I again apologized and told her that I only came in there because I knew that she and her husband were using our bedroom/master bath. She said, "Its okay," and sat down beside me on the loveseat. She spun around, leaned backwards across my lap, and propped her elbow on the arm of the love seat. We locked eyes and she started to say something, but I just kissed her. She seemed a little surprised and acted as though she would pull away, but she didn't. When we finished kissing she said, "I was wondering if you would ever get around to kissing me. I have been really curious what kind of kisser you are for years." I asked her opinion of the kiss. She said, "It's too soon to tell," and she leaned forward and kissed me. This time, I opened my mouth and she did nothing for a moment but open hers, then she sighed and ran her tongue in my mouth. I whispered, "Let's go to bed quick before they get back." She said, "Not now. They've been gone too long and I don't want to get caught, but we will have our time." I ran my hand down her slacks and quickly pleasured her. She said, "Hey, that isn't fair," but I told her that I always made sure the woman had pleasure at least once before I had any real pleasure. She said, "Oh, that would be nice to have on a regular basis. My husband could care less if I am pleased or not." I told her that her daughter was the same way. She seemed surprised and said, "I'm all for pleasing you." She quickly gave me oral pleasure. That was the extent of our encounter that trip, but since then, she had made it a point to find an excuse to come to our home alone. While my wife is working, we have had some of the greatest sex on earth. My mother-in-law is now seventy-five and wow, how much she loves sex! I can honestly say that she is the most tender and sexual woman I have ever known. She loves everything about sex and I'm more than willing to give her all that she wants. I am well pleased.

— Ray, 57