I always wear my girlfriend's panties and bras when she is at work. I never told her about my panty fetish because I was afraid she would dump me. One day, she came home from work early, and there I was in her pink panties! I was begging her not to dump me and said I would do anything! She said, "Oh yeah? You will do anything? You little sissy! Trust me, you will do anything!" She made me do whatever she wanted for about three weeks. I could never wear anything but a bra and panties. I had to do all of the work in the house like a maid. When it was time to work outside, I had to do that, too, in a bra and panties! That was the easy part of my punishment, though. The hard part was what she made me do at night! She always brought home girls from work, and sometimes boys! I had to do anything that they wanted me to including getting spanked, being a maid to them, posing for pictures, and a lot of other things. My girlfriend carried a camera with her everywhere we went. When I didn't do something she said, she took pictures of me. The worst night of all of this was the last night. My girlfriend brought home a guy from work. She then had me watch while the two of them had sex. Although the whole ordeal might seem a bit naughty, I truly enjoyed role playing with my girlfriend. She still blackmails me sometimes.

— Vincent, 28