Showing Off

My wife had her younger sister staying with us for a few days and I thought it would be fun to chat her up and make silly, rude comments when my wife was not in the room. On one occasion, I went a little over the top and her sister got a little annoyed and started to yell at me. She said that if I were a teenager, she would pull down my pants and put me across her knee. At that point, my wife walked in the room and said to her, "Don't make threats, just do it." The next thing I knew, I was across her knee having my bare bottom smacked very hard indeed. After about twenty minutes, she let me up in tears. Then, to my horror, my wife put me over her knee and spanked me with her hairbrush. I could not sit for a couple of days and I have never tried to chat up any of her family or friends since. But, for other reasons, I have been across the wife's knee a few times.

— Paul, 40