I'm nineteen and my girlfriend is twenty-two. She loves to dominate me, and I love it too. Recently, she started dressing me in women's clothes and I never felt such a rush. I'm not a very big guy, 5'5" and 125 pounds with a very light and slender build, dark hair, brown eyes, very fair complexion. As you can see, I can be very passable when dressed up and it's a real thrill when other men notice me. We live together and when I get home, I find, laid out on the bed, the clothes I am to wear. First, I take a shower and get cleaned up, then I shave real close. Today, I wear the beige satin bra and panties with black lace trim and a matching camisole. Then, I put on a garter belt and some very dark nylons. Now, the garnet red silk blouse and the black leather mini skirt. Finally, I check my makeup then step into my black leather pumps with 4" heels. Now, I feel as if I'm dressed as I should be. I go to the kitchen and pour myself a glass of wine and wait for her to come home. I'm hoping she'll bring home that hot hunk she works with for me to perform oral sex on. You see, when I wear women's clothes, I want to have sex with men.

— Jonny, 19