Love Hot Panties

I was thirty-five before I became bi and started wearing women's panties. Now I wear panties as well as hot sleep sets. I have bras, matching panties, and teddies that get from famous lingerie stores. I now have over two hundred pairs of panties in all styles. I wish I could wear all two hundred everyday. I have never married, not because of what I like doing now, but because I just never wanted to marry or have kids. Now I am glad I never did because most women would not like the way I dress at home. I am very straight looking on the street. I love to wear a hot pair of panties and top, and then pleasure myself to internet entertainment. My favorite is she-male. Also, I am getting into the hot gay scene as I am bi, but lean toward the gay side. I love giving and getting oral and guys in panties also. That is really hot. Girl on girl is hot also. I will post again; the next time will be about my hot she-male boyfriend.

— Danny, 66