Wife And Neighbor

I would like to read more stories like this one. My wife likes her scotch in the evenings with me. One night, our neighbor came over when we were drinking and he had some with us. His wife was in town with friends. We all got pretty drunk, and then my neighbor decided to get friendly with my wife. She let him kiss her. It seemed okay to me if she let him. Next thing I know, he is playing with her breasts. She likes that and is getting excited. I'm getting excited too. Then I watch them lie down and have sex together. When I wake up some time later, he is gone and she is still out on the couch. Still in her dress, still in her panties. She never did take them off. This was the beginning of her affair with the neighbor. He had sex with her a lot after that. I didn't mind because now she likes to have sex. Before this, she was becoming totally disinterested in sex with me. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

— Jackson, 40