Panty Heaven

I have a friend who has a daughter and when I was thirty-three years old, her daughter was twenty. She did not have a driver license, so I told her I would teach her and this meant spending a lot of time with her. She wanted to borrow my car and I let her. She went on a long trip for the weekend and I spent the time in her apartment. Talk about panty heaven! I found her panty drawer and her dirty panties in the basket. That was the first time I did it, but not the last. Another time, I planed to swipe a pair of her dirty panties and her brother caught me with them. He beat me with the very panties I was taking, but he said he will not tell because I know that he is gay. Anyway, it's been a long time since I got a hold of her panties, but I hope to do it again. I think it's the thrill of getting caught that makes me do it; but I want to get caught by her, not her brother.

— Lucas, 43