Her Sparkling Girdle

I was helping a neighbor when a bright sparkle caught my eyes. It was a long leg girdle and I was captivated by its beauty. The thoughts of seeing this beautiful woman wearing it were overwhelming. I waited for my chance and when the moment struck, I picked it up. The light danced off it and it felt so soft. I became excited from touching it and wondered how it felt to wear. I stuffed it inside my jeans and excused myself while I ran home for moment. I immediately stripped down and slipped into it. It felt like heaven; so silky and soft and it hugged me like a soft satin glove. I put my pants back on over it and went back to her house to finish up the work. As I moved, the satin slid across my bottom and teased me. Now I am hooked on wearing satin long leg and short leg girdles; they feel wonderful. I have bought several more of my own and whenever I visit next door, I wear hers. I don't know if she knows what I did or not. My wife knows I wear them, but she has no idea I took one from our friend.

— Steve, 32