Celibate Gets His Groove On

I'm a male in my mid thirties and have been practicing celibacy for nearly three years. I don't go out to clubs or anything of that sort. I'm very conservative, and I don't even drink or smoke. One day I decided, out of unusual circumstances, to head to our local bar and restaurant. I met two women in their mid twenties that were visiting the area on vacation for a week. They were cute girls and lovely in all ways. Dawn seemed to be the one I had an interest in. Her friend, Andrea, whispered in my ear and asked if I will be willing to teach Dawn how to dance. Has anyone seen the movie Save the Last Dance? Well, that's how things ended up, and even more so. Dawn was a beautiful blonde. She had light brown eyes, was short (5' 3"), shy, and an innocent girl. She didn't dress provocatively but, instead, very conservatively. She was from the southern part of the United States. After two hours and a few drinks (only she was drinking, not me), she felt comfortable enough to dance with me. The first dance with her showed me she didn't have any beat or rhythm at all. I knew that she was going to need lots of work. I began by pulling her into me and telling her to simply move with the motion of my body. As she and I were interlocking with each other (our hands around each other's waist), my sexual adrenaline urges reached to an amazingly all-time high. Smelling her sweet perfume, having her so close, my nose buried in her thick mound of well-conditioned perfumed hair, us sweating together, cheek to cheek, and her constant long gazes into my eyes were enough to get me very interested. As I tried to maintain my composure, her instincts came out. We made out several times on the floor with deep passionate kisses. We'd gained a deep trust with each other. She then led me to her hotel room. I told her that I'd been practicing celibacy for nearly three years. She was very surprised to learn that, and it wasn't any problem with her. Dawn thought it was very cute for a guy to practice celibacy. What happened that night was a long memorable moment we had together. Our souls, hearts, minds, and spirits were encapsulated in those precious moments together. Now I understand how "Stella Got Her Grooves Back." She definitely got her groves back. I will miss her and the passionate time we had together.

— Nicolas, 35