Domination By Wife's Friend

Years ago when I was still married, my wife and I went to a computer show in San Francisco with one of her best friends. Yvonne was very hot and we had often flirted. The three of us spent the night in a hotel, and while my wife slept soundly, Yvonne and I watched TV. I'm not sure how we got started, but Yvonne looked me in the eye and said, "Stay very still," as she slipped her hand past the waistband of my pajamas. She smiled wickedly and gave me pleasure for the next hour or so, letting me cool off before working me again and again. She refused to let me kiss her or touch her, reminding me often that my wife was sleeping only a few feet away from us. I begged Yvonne to unbutton her PJ top to let me see her fantastic breasts, and she finally did. With that, she sent me to bed with my wife (now my ex-wife), and I never was allowed to go any further. My wife didn't wake up and she never found out what had happened on the floor that night. Twenty-five years later, this is still the most powerful of recollections for me.

— Bill, 60