Bi Friend With Benefits

I was at my friend Bob's house watching the game. Bob is bi and I've known for years, but we were friends long before I knew and it didn't change our friendship after he told me. Since we have been friends for years, we know each other well and talk about all kinds of stuff including our sex lives. Bob tells me about his men and women, and I tell him about mine with my wife. He asked me how things were going and I said we have been married for over thirty years, have three grown kids, and so our sex life isn't great. In fact, we only have sex every six to eight weeks and she isn't interested. Bob said, "I'm here for you." I laughed and told him, "You don't look sexy enough." Between innings, he excused himself and when he returned, he was in a babydoll, stockings, makeup, and a wig. He said, "Am I sexy enough now?" Before I could answer, he sat next to me and kissed me. Maybe it was the beer, maybe because I was horny, or maybe because he did look kind of sexy; I kissed him back. We started to make out like teenagers and in no time at all, I got excited. Bob gave me oral sex; in fact, he gave me the best oral sex I've ever had. I've gotten past the fact we are best friends and he is a guy. I look forward to going to his house to watch the game. I enjoy being with him now more that I have a bi-friend with benefits!

— Ray, 59