A Day At The Salon

After several trips to a ladies hair salon for a wash and cut, and as the beautician got to know me, I opened up and told her I have always wanted a wash and set. I don't know why, but I also told her I cross-dress. After paying for my cut, she said, "Shall we make an appointment for your wash and set, then? You can come dressed in ladies clothes if you like; it would be fitting for you to do so. I can fit you in at a busy time if you are comfortable with that." With much hesitation, I agreed as that's what I really wanted. She made an appointment for me to be there at noon on a Saturday. I was told this is the busiest time and that I would enjoy the experience. Upon arrival, all the ladies made me very welcome and commented on my blouse and skirt as my bra was visible through my white blouse. Everyone was so excited for me! I was given the full works; hair massaged with setting lotion, combed through, and tightly wound on small perm rods. She then did my make-up and another beautician gave me a manicure and painted my nails. I was then shown to a seat under a dryer until curls were set, rods were taken out, and all the curls were pinned in place. After that, she liberally lacquered my hair. I left the salon so proud of my hair do; at last I was on the town with curly hair and wearing ladies clothes, as well. It was a day I shall never forget. Why are ladies so lucky?

— Reed, 53