The Guys Next Door

I live in a townhouse alone after my wife left me for a woman who lived next door. When they moved out, two guys moved in. It was a Friday and I was coming home from work when they asked me over for a cookout. I went in and changed to a pair of shorts as it was hot out. As we were getting acquainted, I realized they were gay as they were touching each other in a loving way. They realized that I was uncomfortable and the blond one put his arm around me and said I didn't have to be afraid of them. That's when his hand touched my breast, which is a B cup; quite large for a man. I know because I tried on my ex wife's bra. The dark haired guy said he wished he had breasts like me. After eating and having a few beers, they invited me inside as the bugs were coming out. The blond guy sat next to me on the sofa sitting sideways and I got a view of what was under his shorts. He said he usually didn't wear anything around the house, and then got up and dropped the shorts right there. For some reason, I got excited and we began to pleasure each other. The blond guy said, "Let's go in the bedroom," and I didn't go home until Sunday. I think I will be going next door quite often and will be wearing some of the clothes my ex left behind. I think I may be bi sexual, and I'm willing to try it out and see.

— David, 55