Think Carefully!

Many here have confessed to having interest in having male bi sex. I think it is normal to want to experience many things in life, but think twice about this one. Once you start, you probably will go further each time you do it. With me, I did; even though experiences were over a year apart at the beginning. Also, I was urged by my friend to continue with it as he was interested in receiving it. Each time, I did more and more. I have to admit that this was very exciting to me. I did it more frequently, and also with other male partners. My friends and relatives are unaware of this as far as I know, but it is not something I want to be known for. Sometimes, I have the chance to do it with a man and I walk away. Other times, I get hot too quickly and I can't help myself. So, think carefully before you start this!

— Brad, 46