All About Me

I was curious about having a homosexual experience, so I posted an online ad. It didn't take long for all the responses to come in. One of the guys was young and in great shape, and was exactly the type of man I wanted to experiment with. He asked that I be in my underwear when he arrived, so I obliged. He asked if he could shower to clean up before he serviced me and I said okay. When he came out, he had only a towel wrapped around his waist. He came right over to me and began to pleasure me. We then moved to my bed, where he did a great job of keeping me excited for both our pleasures. This young, good looking man serviced me extremely well, and then he told me that it was all about me and he loved hearing me enjoy him. I never met him again, but it was a great experience with a great, hot, young man. I wish I could hook up with someone like him for another experience.

— Frank, 50